All goes together- asking $20, kittitas. 3 painted pics, 2 framed pics, plate, candy dishes, 3 seat covers, 3 chicken figures.
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Have you always wanted to keep chickens in your backyard and wanted already mature chickens to save you the time, energy and disappointment with the baby chicks. I have starter chickens for the homestead. Ten dollars each or one dozen -12- for $100 . You can pick the breed and the chicken. I have Plymouth Rock barred and buff orpingtons, Rhode Island reds or black australorps. Call me at ===+1=...
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Hens or Roosters- 4 breeds to choose from, you can pick your chickens - $10 Hens or Roosters- 4 breeds to choose from, you can pick your chickens. Breeeds we have currently - a- BUFF ORPINGTON b- PLYMOUTH ROCK BARRED c- RHODE ISLAND REDS d- BLACK AUSTRALORP Exact change is appreciated. order sheet is below - DANCING GOATS AND SINGING CHICKENS ORGANIC FARM We are a small, family farm located nea...
Selling Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs. My girls have 5 acres to play on and a big coop which is cleaned daily. The eggs are controlled daily for freshness.We do not spray or use any kind of chemicals. The girls only get natural feedChicken eggs $3 per dozen, Duck eggs $5 per dozen.
Custom Built Chicken House 5 nesting boxes. Made with top quality products Comes with laying hens and equipmentReal working windows Power Skis on legs for easy moving Inside paint with enamel for easy clean $975Please call with any questions


Hens, Hens, Hens,Hens I have Rhode Island Reds 4 , Barred Rock 5, Silver Laced Wyandotte 3 Hatched 12218 from Meyers Hatchery in Ohio. Vaccinated Mercks. These are strong healthy beautiful birds. Due to start laying eggs 18 to 20 weeks. I also have 18 Barred Rock pullets hatched 132019.Cheryl541-908-four eight one oneCall or text only$20 eachcashBring pet carrier.
Moving and cannot take it with me. Selling all my chicken stuff in one giant package. 4x 8 coop with huge run made from easily moved sheep panels. Also included heated water bowl, multiple feeders and waterers, chick feeders and waterers, 3 x 4 woodplexiglass brooder for raising chicks, multiple heat ls and extra bulbs, grit, oyster shell, medicine, leg bands, etc etc. Chickens can be included ...
Meet Nikki Clucks! Nikki Clucks is a beautiful white and black Chinese Silky Bantam full grown rooster and cannot wait to spend his days protecting your hens! He is looking for a chicken savvy adopter that will be prepared to safely and securely transport ...
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I am looking for expired dry cereal, oatmeal, stale chips, stale crackers, stale bread, veges people don't want. I mix it all up and give it to the chickens and goats. Thank you
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Chicken Soup for the Soul books5 books $4 total Chicken Soup for the Golfers SoulChicken Soup for the Womans Soul 2 copiesChicken Soup for the Kids SoulChicken Soup for the Soul 101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the SpiritChicken Soup for the Couples Soul Inspirational Stories about Love and Relationships
Protect your chicken flock with a Tom Turkey. We have had a Tom in our main flock for several years and our hawk problem has gone away. He is protective of the hens and breaks up rooster fights in the yard. If you raise them together when young, he will continue to stay with them despite other callings.Our Toms are Heritage Breed, are free range, but come in to roost at night.
Eggs from chickens or ducks. Our birds free range all day everyday on pesticide-free acreage. They are fed a non-GMO, Soy-free pellet food when not free ranging.There are a variety of colors of chicken eggs. The duck eggs are white and larger than the chicken eggs.Call or text Avery if you are interested.Chicken eggs are $5.00 a dozen.Ducks eggs are $8.50 a dozen.
Hi, Were doing a rental of our fuIIy furnished 2bd2ba farm home, all you need to do is show-up. lf youve ever dreamed of living on a farm, this is your opportunity to experience farm life. We have five goats and some chickens on the property. The home is located about 10 miles from the Tahoe Wilderness area boarder. It has beautiful views overlooking the property and mountains, its fuIIy furnis...
Available for your considerationNot laying yet, but soon 5 white leghorn pullets - hatched oct 25th - $151 white leghorn Roo- $15 no I wont gift him, Ill eat him, this is for you to breed -Laying chickens -$202 speckled Sussex hens -hatched last spring, they like to brood1 leghorn hen -hatched last springThey give awesome eggs Currently producing. Clean healthy birds on a clean healthy farm Cas...