Selling Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs. My girls have 5 acres to play on and a big coop which is cleaned daily. The eggs are controlled daily for freshness.We do not spray or use any kind of chemicals. The girls only get natural feedChicken eggs $3 per dozen, Duck eggs $5 per dozen.
Custom Built Chicken House 5 nesting boxes. Made with top quality products Comes with laying hens and equipmentReal working windows Power Skis on legs for easy moving Inside paint with enamel for easy clean $975Please call with any questions
I recently acquired 3 full grown chickens and do not have the knowledge or space to care for them. I would love for the to go to a caring home. You can take 1 or all 3 it does not matter to me. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested or have any questions about them, I would love to get them to a good home quickly.
I have a fertile chicken eggs for sale. I need gone asap I have to many and not enough room in my incubator... Can meet in philomath area. and or Corvallis..
Whizbang Chicken Plucker for sale - $35034 Horse power motor induction motor, onoff switch, 1725 RPMCash onlyIf interested, call or text
8x8: $1272 8x12 $1840 All our coops were originally designed at our own family farm to house our flock. We tried them for years to be sure they were durable, convenient to use, healthful, and attractive - to the chickens as well as to us. CEDAR ROOF all the way down on one side (wind-facing). The other side...
Novogen pullets 7 weeks old as of 319. Fully feathered and off lights. We got them from local Jenks hatchery as day old chicks. They have been raised exclusively on non gmo feed from Mosaic Farms in Philomath. Novogens are docile birds and are egg laying machines that will lay year round in the valley. Novogens are often used for commercial egg production but thrive as backyard birds as well. T...
Get an early start on fresh eggs this year We have pullets young hens and hatching eggs for sale for breedscrosses that you dont often see at local feed stores. Currently we haveCopper Marans--This breed lays a reddish-chocolate brown colored egg. Hatching eggs are chosen from the darkest eggs available from our flock see photo for recent exle of typical egg color. We bring in fresh bloodlines ...
I have some used cages that could be used for most anything, rabbits, chickens, transport pets, etc. $10 eachand located in North Albany
I recently got this as a gift from a family member that knows I am a hunter. which I am, but not that of birds unless its a thunder chicken. Anyhow, they got this at a sporting goods store in California and I cant reasonably return it. Id like to clear a few bucks for it. with fathers day right around the corner, its the perfect gift for the right dad.
Sturdy wood and wire cages or crates, built to last with carry handles and built to lock in for stacking.Use for meat birds. These are tall enough for turkeys, but can be used for chickens.$40 cash, each6 cages total.

Emu Eggs

Good for eating or blowing out and crafting. One emu egg is equal to a dozen chicken eggs. There are a male and female emu in the pen but since we have not tried to hatch any ourselves, we cannot guarantee their fertility. Can meet in Lebanon on weekdays or possibly Albany on weekends.
Eggs for sale, many dozen on hand. Chickens are free range, supplemented with NON GMO layer feed. Willing to trade, let me know what youve got. $3.00 at the farm$4.00 to your door
Young 4 month old hens for sale They will start laying in 4 weeks.Is your backyard flock ready to lay this spring Are your ladies past their prime and need replacing Have you tried Novogen layer hens yet1AMAZING LAYERS 5 a week2SUPER FRIENDLY3LARGE BROWN EGGS4LOCALLY SOURCED CHICKS5FED AMAZING FEED from Mosaic Farms- Non GMOThese little ladies are 16 weeks old OFF lights and fully feathered Rea...
I have 20 brand new, never used, goose sized 6-egg cartons. These are clear plastic and very large. The carton dimensions are LxW 9 x 6 18 and the individual cell dimensions are WxH 2 34 x 4. I took a picture with one of my chicken eggs brown and one of my duck eggs white in it for reference. These can be used for other purposes such as craft projects. Some people make their own bath bombs and ...
I have four Novogen hens that are excellent layers of huge brown eggs. This is their second year of laying and they are still going strong. Theses are the best laying hens I have ever owned but I have decided to get out of chickens. My loss is your gain. I am asking only $10 each because I dont have the time for them any more and want them to go quickly.Chicken, chickens, pullet, pullets, layin...
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