Two rare earth magnet packs for sale. These are serious packs, with 48 magnets in one pack and 40 in the other. Ill sell them separately if you dont need both. But, if you buy both, dont get them near each other You may never get them apart.Call for more information or to come by and see. Sorry, no texting. Ill remove the ad when it sells.tous760
Husky quick action 8 C cl and Bessey 12 heavy duty bar cl - both for $17Adjustable 10 wrench and 78 combination wrench - both for $8DeWalt chalk line and chalk - $4
Two black walnut slabs, both about a foot wide one 40 inch and one 62 inch $30 and $50.Douglas for live edge about 26 inch by 54 inch. $40.Jointed slab 14.5 inch by 42 inch $10.Cedar slab 21 inch by 79 inch. $20.
Vintage 120240 V maxa generator. It runs well and is very loud. Could use an oil change. Runs my drill press and all outlets work $80 cash
Vintage Briggs and Stratton generator, no air filter, great compression, I think it just needs a carb clean, $40 cash