I have a piece of a foam pad that used to be a mattress. It is 5 feet 7 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 3.75 inches thick. As you can see in the photos, it is somewhat stained, but would make a couple of really comfy dog beds.
Free to good home I measured the little tray lip under the dash next to the power port on my Bolt and 3D printed a trash bag holder. Slips on and holds a bag really well. I no longer need this, so if you want it come and get it. Send me a text for to schedule a meeting place time.
Free old fence boards, you haul, first come first serve. Some reusable, other just firewood. All cedar.As of 3319 afternoon there is one pile of boards remaining, cleaned of nails. More to come over the next few weekends.
Free dirt, you haul. We dug up to build our shed, but overall its pretty decent. I would estimate at least 20 wheelbarrows full.
Retro style table, with 4 chairs. also, coffee table with glass top. Table in good shape. The table is taken apart in the photo, but I have all the parts to reassemble.
Free dishwasher. Dishwasher runs but not properly not sure what the problem is. Doesnt seem to be draining water. Free you haul.
Free electric reclining couch, works great but does have some stains due to me having small children that spill drinks. No delivery, you must haul.
Free microfiberlove seat. One cushion is ripped with the stuffing ripped up from dog. Please text if interested . Ask for Jon
Free piano that you can actually manage to move. We bought it used for our kids to learn on, so its got its chips and dings but is still great for that purpose. One of the highest keys and one of the lowest keys are stuck. The piece that holds the music book no longer attaches, and the bench is a little wobbly. All things that could be fixed with a little attention. We can provide one man to he...