Baby swing, clean, and comfy gender neutral jungle theme. Free Doesnt always work, its starting to wear out. Even with new batteries, it doesnt always stay on. It sometimes shuts itself off and stops. Maybe someone handy can fix or replace the motor mechanism to get it going well again. Can also be pushed by hand. These great for small infants. It also has a harness strap.Pu in Lebanon
Late 50searly 60s boat shell, no motor, controls, etc. Basically just the hull and top. Trailer is included, but right axle was in dirt for years and rusted 12 way through. Attempts were made to strengthen it, but they are just barely holding, so I would recommend putting it on a flatbed to remove. FREE I dont know anything about it. Check the pictures. If you dont see it, it probably isnt ther...
1995 BMW 525i e34 parts hood, front bumper, passenger front fender and misc. grill parts and marker lights. All of the parts are usable but will need minor body repair. Maybe 2 hours labor on hood and fender to fix. Must take all.
Trailer is NOT included and not for sale. Free 1958 Uniflite Boat. Good enough to restore. Once again trailer is not included. Located in Waterloo. Call or text
FREE, FREE, The Management of Whispering Pines Mobile Home Park is giving this 1978 Golden Mansion away FREE to whoever wants to move it. YOU PAY moving costs and its yours ALL APPLIANCES included The single wide homes in the park are going away, slowly to make room for larger homes. So this 1978, sixty six foot long, single wide, 924 sq. ft. Golden Mansion in GOOD CONDITION can be yours for FR...
Free bagged horse manure. 2-3 bags available on a daily basis. Ready to pop in your trunk or truck bed. just come by and grab it and go.
Used condition, still good to lounge on.Very stained Im told it can be cleaned, its a micro fiber material. I just never took the time Child and pet friendly homeU-haul OnlyTaking them to the dump by Saturday.Please Please take them
Sturdy home built double chaise lounge. Back is adjustable. Add either two cushions, one inflatable full sized mattress, or a futon.
Free rabbitcritter cage. Two legs were removed but easily replaced with a couple of 2x4s. End door slides up and down to closeopen.
Free edging rocks for landscaping.Rocks come in sets about a foot long.Originally from Home Depot.Theres at least 30 feet worth.
I am moving to Eugene and do not want to haul my couch down there. Its a comfy, loved 3 seater that would be perfect for anyone who likes to sit. You haul, please take my couch.
Steel rims might be good for scrap. Heavy. Lots of rubber still on them. Not sure what Id use them for. If you have something in mind, theyre yours. 40-45 of them. A couple different sizes. You haul. Call for time to come get them.